Program for lute and accordion containing music of the 20th and 21st centuries

prepared and performed by

Jitka Baštová – accordion

Jindřich Macek - lute    

The chamber part of the project is concerned solely with works of the legendary composer Astor Piazzolla. You can hear unique arrangements of his music for two unconventional instruments – a historical lute and a contemporary concert accordion. Space for the solo accordion is dedicated to music that can make you daydream (J. Ganzer,
G. Klucevsek) and in the solo entrances of the lute you can hear compositions of the 21st century (R. Turovsky,
J. Macek’s own compositions).

The concert programme, called after one of the compositions by Astor Piazzolla, was created in an effort to provide more space for the music of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is intended to introduce Astor Piazzolla’s works in own arrangements for lute and accordion. The Argentinian composer and bandoneon player is rightly regarded as a genius of modern music, and his compositions can be heard in many instrumental versions.

Concert halls, galleries, chapels, churches, castles and outdoor atria are suitable settings for the realization of this concert programme.

Sample of the programme

Luboš Bernáth - For John Dowland

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