prepared and performed by

Silvie Mechová – flute

Jindřich Macek - lute

In the programme, you can hear musical compositions by V. Capirola, P. P. Raimondo, J. Dowland, D. G. Speer, J. S. Bach, J. J. Quantz, F. Schubert, B. Godar, C. Debussy, A. Honegger and R. Turovsky.

The programme wants to introduce the audience to two instruments that can create harmony and literally "lead the audience from one emotion to another." In addition to sensitive instrumentations of chamber music for flute and lute, both the instruments are introduced in their solo forms during the evening. The entire concert programme guides the audience from the Renaissance through the Baroque and Romanticism to contemporary works. Lute compositions are interpreted on a rare instrument made according to historical originals.

Castles, concert halls and outdoor atria are suitable settings for the realization of this concert programme.

Concert - Castle Pardubice

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