Music project, which will take you
to France…

prepared and performed by

Jitka Baštová – accordion

Jindřich Macek - lute

You can hear compositions by French authors (D. Gaultier, J. Ph. Rameau, R. Ballard, R. de Visée, C. Debussy,
M. Constant) interpreted by lute, accordion and avant-garde combination of both instruments.

The concert focuses on French music from different stylistic periods, which enriched the development of European music, as well as modern works inspired by the style of French cabaret and also own arrangements of Claude Debussy’s selected works from the period of Impressionism. Debussy’s colourful palette of shades of music is highlighted by sound differences of the instruments and brings unforgettable sound impressions.

Concert halls, galleries, chapels, churches, castles and outdoor atria are suitable settings for the realization of this concert programme.

Sample of the programme:

Claude Debussy - Menuet

The program can be ordered here...