prepared and performed by

Silvie Mechová – flute

Jindřich Macek - lute

In the programme, you can hear musical compositions by J. Dowland, H. Newsidler, G. Zamboni, M. Galilei, A. Vivaldi, J. J. Quantz, J. A. Hasse, B. Godar, J. Mouquet, J. Ibert and S. Bodorová.

The "Flauto dolce" musical project introduces two instruments to the audience – the flute and the lute. In sensitive chamber cooperation they take the audience to a world of harmony full of emotions and passion, where it is possible to forget about everyday worries for a while. Let the music take us back into the past, but also get to know some young, contemporary music. It is an adventurous quest for continuous changes and hidden beauties.

Castles, concert halls and outdoor atria are suitable settings for the realization of this concert programme.

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