Lisa Stoll comes from the Swiss region of Schaffhausen. She started playing the flute at the age of six and cornet and trumpet two years later. That was when her love of brass instruments and music began to develop. At the age of eleven she won a Swiss trumpet music competition in her category. Concurrently she started playing the alphorn, which she was given as a present by an elderly person in the place where she was growing up. Only a year later she won the first prize for her alphorn performance in a Swiss folk music competition and in 2009 in Vienna. She has recorded three CDs with Carlo Brunner and Alex Eugster (Alphornliebe; Alphornflirt; Alphornperlen). On her concert tours she has visited Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, Dubai, Kuwait and China. She also regularly performs on Swiss Television, together with Nicolas Senn. Her music teachers and mentors have been: Maja Hauser, Julia Hedinger, Samuel Ruh, and Václav Medlík.

In 2015 she had her first performance along with Jindřich Macek and Jitka Baštová in the Czech Republic, where there was a premiere of their common programme "Contrasts" on 6 August 2015.