let’s recall 700 years since the birth of the "Father of the Nation", the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV.

prepared and performed by

Jitka Baštová – accordion

Jindřich Macek - lute

The programme features music from the Manuscript of Vyšší Brod and other manuscripts from the early 15th century, a selection from the Jistebnice Hymn Book, John Dowland’s Renaissance songs, compositions by
D. Scarlatti, L. Bernath and others.

The name of the programme, created in memory of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV, is based on the title a song for two voices "Flower among the lilies," which comes from a manuscript from the early 15th century. The project, encouraging meditation and a return to history, is accompanied by the word giving listeners an idea of the time of creation of the compositions. Gothic music is presented in a modern concept of instrumentation, in an atypical harmony of concert accordion and lute. Solo compositions are selected in such a way as to preserve the historical framework of the programme, but also show technically more demanding and more mature parts of both artists. During the concert you can also hear original music for these two instruments by a Slovak author from 2013, as the four-part suite was devoted just to Renaissance composers. The aim of the programme is to demonstrate quality interpretation and remind listeners of Charles IV of Luxembourg.

Concert halls, galleries, chapels, churches, castles and outdoor atria are suitable settings for the realization of this concert programme.

Sample of the programme

Vicenzo Capirola - Padoana

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