The Renaissance and Baroque poetry of Elizabethan England and contemporary works for solo lute prepared and performed by

Alfred Strejček - recitation

Jindřich Macek - lute

In the programme, you can hear verses by W. Shakespeare, F. Bacon, E. de Vere, E. Spenser, P. Sidney, W. Raleigh, H. Howard, H. Constable, E. Dyer, J. Fletcher, G. Chapman, J. Donne and lute compositions by J. Whitfield, J. Dowland, P. P. Raimondo, V. Capirola and H. Newsidler.

The programme wants to acquaint listeners with one of the richest periods of English cultural history, whose unique atmosphere affected the entire world culture. Lute compositions are interpreted on the rare instruments made according to historical originals.

Castles and other historical spaces are suitable settings for the realization of this concert project.

Vicenzo Capirola - Recerchar

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